uruguayMuestraAlternatives to austerity programs do exist, conclude civil society organizations and networks from around the world that met in Montevideo, convened by Social Watch to discuss strategies to face the multiple global crises. In the opening of our debates, the Uruguayan ministers of Interior, Eduardo Bonomi, of Labour, José Bayardi, and of Social Development, Daniel Olesker explained the way in which they managed to eradicate extreme poverty, reduce inequalities and grow at the same time. See the video here. (To see the English subtitles, press on the CC at the bottom right of the video).

Previously, the Uruguayan president José Mujica, see the video here, known for practicing “austerity” by donating 90 per cent of his salary to charities, demanded action from the powerful governments of the world and from the UN to abandon the usual tracks and face the global challenges of finances and climate.